sreda, januar 28, 2009

1000 pieces in seventy-five seconds


The two things came at almost the same time. The One year in 40 seconds by Eirik Solheim and my new passion for jigsaw puzzles (I obviously have too much time). The conclusion is not difficult to make.

So from this
became this
and this is what went on inbetween.

Full video can be found on Vimeo.

Shooting and editing

Approximately 200 pictures of which 170 were usefull were taken by Canon EOS 300D using a tripod. Usefull shots were edited by Adobe Lightroom 2 and aligned and cropped using Photoshop PS3 (basically following Solheim's method). Video was cut in iMovie '08. All the software was running on Mac OS X Leopard. Background music is by Grieg.


Since the lighting conditions were terrible and I'm currenty looking for an inexpensive DIY softbox. I intent to redo a similar project soon (to try out iMovie '09), this time in HDR. And last, but not least, I definitely need a new camera. And a new wide lens. And...


It seems that the embedded Vimeo video does not work well. This one works fine:

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Matjaž Očko pravi ...

hehe svaka čast :) dobra ideja tole :)
si šel na mac-a al maš hackintosha? kakorkoli - bravo, stari! :) dobrodošel v familiji ;)

Tomi pravi ...


Drugače sem pa mac user od lani maja, ker sem imel možnost po realni ceni kupiti MBP. Prijetno s koristnim je bil tisti izlet v ZDA.